Celebrate Leap Day at YTTP!


Hello, everyone!

Tomorrow is Leap Day, which to me feels like a bonus day: extra time you get to try something new, or do something you normally wouldn’t. (I will admit that my thinking on this has been influenced by the daylight savings episode of The Adventures of Pete & Pete.)


I was researching this extra day today and discovered that when it was first added to the calendar, Leap Day was thought of as a day when normal traditions didn’t apply, so women took it as an opportunity to wear breeches and propose to their boyfriends. You couldn’t do both at once, though; apparently you had to wear a red petticoat when you proposed, and if your wooee turned you down, he had to buy you 12 pairs of gloves or a silk gown, depending on which country you lived in. That was THE LAW.


If you’re also seeing tomorrow as a “Well, why not?” day, I may have something for you to do! Yoga to the People, a donation-based yoga studio with branches in many US cities, is donating 100% of tomorrow’s studio proceeds to Project Playground, an organization started by a YTTP alum to bring playgrounds to kids who might not otherwise have a safe place to big kids. I hadn’t heard of the organization before today, but the work they are doing seems reliable, legitimate, and admirable. It’s a chance to get in a 60-minute vigorous yet accessible workout and help kids at the same time.


Look for another celebratory Leap Day post from me on Mission Mission tomorrow!


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One response to “Celebrate Leap Day at YTTP!

  1. YttP has become my yoga home in NYC. I love their ethos, mission, identity! Belated thanks for spreading awareness.

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